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Everytime I try to do homework, I find myself on tumblr

Praying for inner peace


I’m like:


And God’s like:


"It is not the exterior circumstances that must change; it is above all our hearts that must change. They must be purified of their withdrawal into themselves, of their sadness, of their lack of hope: ‘Happy are the pure in heart; they shall see God.’ (Matthew 5:8)"
-Fr. Jacques Philippe, Searching For and Maintaining Peace

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The Sound of Music - 1965


The Sound of Music - 1965

Prayer request for my mom


She is getting a biopsy to see if she has cancer. :(  Please pray, she is getting married next year and even though I don’t always agree with her choices she has been through a lot already in life and I just want her to be happy.


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“It’s such a shame to waste time. We always think we have so much of it.”

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URGENT: A young woman is scheduled to have an abortion tomorrow. A family has offered to adopt the child, but the mother has refused.

"An update on the young woman: she has replied to my husband and I, thanked us for thinking of her and for our offer, but said she has made up her mind and is…

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The first time you feel called to the religious life…





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